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Place Your Images — And Your Business — Front and Center in the Photo World. Submit to the Best of ASMP 2013.


Susan Sarandon between takes; photo © Mikki Ansin
© Mikki Ansin

Best of ASMP 2012 honoree Mikki Ansin's image of actress Susan Sarandon.

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Submission deadline is May 1

The 20 photographers selected for our annual Best Of ASMP issue are featured in print and online — in a detailed look at their creative vision, technical accomplishments, valued collaborations and more — through insightful interviews, illustrated by their strongest work.


For the Best Of ASMP 2013, we will accept member entries between March 15 and May 1, 2013.


We are seeking dynamic, eye-catching imagery and remarkable projects that stop us in our tracks, making us want to look at your Web site for more of your brand with similar impact. We look for telling details, strength of character and uniqueness of vision that elevates select entries from the many submissions competing within a given visual framework.


Please submit your most remarkable recent efforts for consideration — ranging from client assignments to self-funded efforts. Remarkable aspects could include: an opportunity for creative freedom, a rewarding collaboration with a client, an achievement in technical prowess, a logistical challenge overcome, an impossible deadline achieved, a budgetary milestone, a stranger than fiction encounter, an entrepreneurial success and so on. Creative solutions will be highly valued and a sense of humor readily enjoyed.


In preparing your submission, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • WRITE a brief project essay (250 words max), describing what makes this submission stand out as your best effort.
  • TITLE the essay with your full name, e-mail address, ASMP chapter affiliation, membership category and a word or phrase to describe the intended use or market for the submitted work (i.e: editorial, corporate, nonprofit, personal, etc.). Make sure to also include a link to your Web site.
  • PREPARE one low-res jpg (500 kb or less), named as follows (last name.first name.jpg). Please also insert your name, contact and caption info in the IPTC settings (file info field of Photoshop). For motion content, please submit both a still frame grab and a link to the full video online.
  • E-MAIL items in a folder titled with your name to: between March 15 through May 1, 2013.


There is no limit to the number of submissions one can make, but please be selective in determining your best efforts. Given the wide visibility of selected finalists, we are limiting this year’s submissions to photographers who have not been featured in the Best of ASMP in the past three years (2010 to 2012).


Due to the volume of submissions received, only the finalists, as selected by our judges, will be contacted during the month of June for more details about the submitted projects.


Sort through your database, size up your recent projects and give careful consideration to the materials you submit, to make all aspects of your creative vision shine through.

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