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Discount and Getting Started Instructions For New Members


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Hi ,
I see that you are one of our new Members and I wanted to send you this greeting to welcome you to  and provide you some important steps to take during your next login. These steps are important so you will come up in our search results more often, and get the best possible Search Engine Position for your Member profile on sites like Google, etc.
Thank you for becoming a member of 
Regards, Bob Greenberg 
+ 1 267 424 1421

IMPORTANT steps to check - For Members on any of our Plans
1. Write down and securely store your Login Username, Primary eMail Address, & Password.
2. Login and go to the section for MEMBER INFORMATION-->Personal Information, and ensure you have entered all the correct contact details

3. Select your Specialties (MEMBER INFORMATION-->Specialties - For different Member types these will be Services, Qualifications, Experience, Interest. (Always be sure to click the Update or Submit button at the bottom of a page you have edited)

4. Enter your Web site URLs (up to 10) - Including “Title Text” if you want the URL to show up as the entered "Title Text" instead of the actual URL
5. Upload Images to your LIBRARY (Use our Single Image Upload or our Multiple Image Upload(drag&drop into browser window) - both are actually capable of uploading multiple images at one time)
After Image Upload "Images are displayed in the Library", but do not show up anywhere on the site until they are dragged & dropped into the bottom sections for: 

  • Gallery Images
  • Search Result Images
  • Rotating Thumbnail Images
  • Visual Search Images
  • Landing Page Image (For designating a single Image to show without the display of Thumbnail Images on it - as the entrance to your Member Website) 
6. Add some Galleries and allocate images to them by dragging & dropping them from the library to a gallery (be sure to click SAVE when finished)
7. Fill out your Biography
8. Enter your important Keywords (Keywords will be searchable from our Menu Bar Quick Search within 24 hours, and indexed by Search Engines often withinn a few days)
  • Your primary city, specialties, country, county, postal code, your name etc.
  • The words: Professional photographer photography
  • Enter nearby cities other then your primary city where you would like to show up for in search results
9. Preview your Member Profile by logging in and clicking the top Menu Bar Link for “Preview Profile
10. Preview your Member Web Site by logging in and clicking the top Menu Bar Link for “Preview My Website
11. After uploading some Images and allocating them to 1 or more GALLERIES go to MANAGE MY WEB SITE (bottom Blue Tab on the left hand navigation) and experiment with “Select Web site Template”. Each Template has multiple color themes.
Sizing and preparing Images for upload

Our maximum Image Display Area is a Horizontal 900 Pixels wide by 600 Pixels High (900x600 px).
Uploading images with these dimensions will provide the largest possible image display in our "Member Websites" and we will size the Images down slightly for your Profile Page. In Photoshop, you can even combine 2 vertical Images in a single horizontal file with these dimensions.
We recommend:
  • sRGB files, although Adobe RGB 1998 Profiled files are also acceptable.
  • All files should be “.jpg” files and we recommend saving at a high quality level and not saving with any thumbnails or icons, in order to keep the file sizes smaller.
  • We suggest using the Adobe Photoshop feature for “Save for Web & Devices” with a quality level between 70 and 100 or Photoshop JPG Levels from 8 through 12.

Additional IMPORTANT steps to check - For Members on our reasonably priced "Larger Image Inventory Paid Plans"

1. Allocate the full 6 images to your "SEARCH RESULTS IMAGES" (Each time you login your listing will move to the top of the Featured Photographers & Search Results Images pages. Login at least once per month or more often). 
Note: if you only allocate 5 or less Images you will never make it to the top of the first page of “FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHERS”, as this section first displays all Members with 6 Search Results Images, then with 5,4,3,2,1.  Within each of these groupings by “number of images being displayed” we then sort by who has Logged In most recently, moving the most recent logins to the top of the section. 
If you are on a Paid Plan there is no reason why you should not take full advantage of being able to move up to the top of the Featured Photographers section (and our Search Results pages) by ensuring you have allocated a full 6 Images as SEARCH RESULTS IMAGES”. On a paid plan it makes little sense to only display 5 or 4 or less Search Result Images. Members on the Free Plan can only display 2 Search Results Images, and can therefore never move up near the top of the Featured Photographers section.
2. Photographers should allocate at least 3 images minimum to your "Rotating Thumbnail Images” - These are the Images that show up on the left hand side of the Home Page. In this section we try to show a visitor those photographers that are geographically closest to the visitors location, as determined by the visitor’s Ip Address.

Special discount for new members not yet on an upgraded Image Display Plan

If you are a new member and have not already upgraded to one of our Larger Image Inventory Plans, I would like to offer you a special discount to use towards your entire first year of Membership with us, regardless if it is a Monthly or Yearly Plan - Valid on any of our plans:  web-30-off-0905
To use the Discount Code:
  • Login to your listing and go to: PLAN INFORMATION--> Purchase a Display Package
  • Select the Plan you are interested in
  • The page will refresh and display a blue section below the plans where you should "check the box" for "Enter Promotional Code"
  • Enter the code web-30-off-0905 and "click the button" for "Get Discount"
  • The page will refresh and display the "Net Total" discounted price
  • Enter Payment Details, and click on "Continue to Payment/Completion"
All Members receive a Template Driven Web site, whose look can be changed in seconds, included with their Profile Listing (of course these websites will look better and be more useful when you upgrade from the "2 Image Limited Inventory Free Plan" to either our 25, 100, or 1000 Image Plans) - Paid Plans start at just $100/year or $10/Month BEFORE USING THE INCLUDED DISCOUNT CODE:  

(You can change your plan any day of the year to a higher inventory plan and get a pro-rated credit for any unused time on your current plan)
Most Members will do fine with one of our "PROFILE PAGE WITH IMAGE DISPLAY PLANS” (which includes a Web site at a subdomain such as

The only reasons to upgrade to our more expensive plans "PROFILE PAGE WITH IMAGE DISPLAY & A WEBSITE AT MY OWN DOMAIN NAME" ($100/Year more) are for one or both of the following reasons:
  • You want to replace the Logo displayed on your Member Website with your own Logo or use our Logo Creator Tool

 You can get a Website at your own Domain Name using the Technology (which also includes a Profile Listing in our searchable directory), using the 30% off your first year discount that is located in this eMail, for the folowing prices:

  • 25 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL      $140/year or $14.00/Month
  • 100 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL     $175/year or $17.50/Month
  • 1000 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL   $210/year or $21.00/Month

On our Basic Plans without a Website at your own Domain Name, but with a Profile Page and a Website at a subdomian of, using the included 30% discount code for your first year would be:


  • 25 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL      $70/year or $7.00/Month
  • 100 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL     $105/year or $10.50Month
  • 1000 Images - At Members Domain Name-URL   $140year or $14.00/Month Powered Website at your own Domain Name provides a great value when compared to "website only competitors", while also including the extra benefit of a Profile Page in the Searchable Directory of Professional Photographers - at no additional charge.

And you are included in the Website that is at the top of Search Engine Listings, such as Google, on a search for the profession you belong to: "Photographers" (click the link to see our position in Google)

Using the included 30% discount you can have a Website (at a subdomain of, such as like any of the samples shown below starting at as little as $70 for your first year(25 Image display). The 100 Image Display could be as low as $105 for your first year, when using the enclosed 30% off discount code: web-30-off-0905

Click any Image to go to that Member’s Live “Powered by” Website

You will see some members choose to use their own Domain Name, while other Members choose to upload their own Logo, and some do both.

Jose Vidaurre Member                                     Website  Ken Jones Member Newsletter

Amyn Nasser Member Website  David Leslie Anthony Member Newsletter

Amynn Nasser Member Newsletter  Steve Anderson Member Website

Clifton Parker Member Website  Eduardo Chacon Member Website

 Rodolfo Paez Stahl Member Website  Bob Greenberg Member Website  

All Images are Copyright the Individual Photographers who created them 


A comparison of our Member Profile Pages & our Member Websites Profile Page Listings

  • All on a consistent white background
  • Inclusion in the best directory for "Professional Photographers"
  • Large 750x500 pixel Profile Page Images
  • All of our website Pages have been designed for SEO - Member's Profile Pages with Images are often well indexed by Search Engines within days of being added
  • Our directory provides a better profile page then any of our competitors, at a fraction of their cost - On a search engine search for "Photographers" only is at the top of the results
  • All your important contact details, samples of your images, and a link to your Website are visible as soon as a visitor arrives at your Profile Page

Websites powered by

  • Your choice of layout and color scheme
  • Manage the Galleries and Image order for your Profile Page, and your Website at the same time
  • Large 900x600 pixel Website Images
  • The same care that goes into the SEO of our Member's Profile Pages goes into the SEO of our Member's Websites - SEO at a level you simply can't do with a Flash Website
  • Cleanly designed great looking Websites at a fraction of the cost of the competition (and of course, our Websites all include a directory listing and Member Profile Page)
  • No more waiting on a designer, or "until you get the time" to update your Images and redo your Website - and no web designer charges to pay either
  • A paid upgrade to one of our "Website At My Own Domain Name" plans provides web access at your domain name, and the ability to brand your site by uploading your own logo or using our logo creator

Click anywhere in the image below, to watch our informative video 



Please add us as a Linked in Connection or Colleague, if you are a Professional Photographer, or someone in the Photo Industry. Thanks!
Only our Twitter followers will get short duration, very high discount opportunities, for a combination Member Profile with Image DIsplay, and a Website at your own Domain Name

To delete your listing from login and go to: PLAN INFORMATION-->Delete Profile 


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