News -- Apr 30, 2010 | 9:14 pm

Keep your member contact data current, so visitors can contact you.

It's important for us to make sure all Member records have current data so we can provide visitors the best ability to find a Photographer when they visit For this reason it is necessary for us to send periodic eMails informing members of their Login Details, as well as tips on how to best fill out their profiles to provide the most accurate Search Results for visitors. It is for these reasons we require members to accept our periodic eMails. It's kind of hard to communicate in order to maintain a complete up-to-date Membership Directory, and for visitors to contact you using our Form Messaging System, if some members do not want to accept eMails. Not having current data does not help you (and can potentially hurt you if people can only find outdated information), it does not help those who would like to contact you, and it is not fair to the entirety of the membership. 
We hope you will read the eMails we send to you, keep your Profiles and Contact Information current, upload some images, and help build the site into the best it can be - for the benefit of yourself, our entire community of photographers, and the visitors. Basically empty listings do not help the site - they hurt it. At our discretion we may deactivate, delete. or remove from displaying in our Search Results any incomplete listings, without further notice.
We appreciate every member we have, but do understand some individuals do not want to receive any communications by eMail. Although we will be disappointed to see you go, if you firmly feel this way, you can always delete your profile by logging into your record and going to: PLAN INFORMATION-->Delete Profile

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