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Dear Prospective Employer:

I am interested in exploring the possibility of joining your organization.IPresent my resume' for Your review; it will provide to you information
relative to my education, abilities, and experience.

As my resume' indicates, I am seeking a position that will utilize my
unique combination of skill,talents, and people-oriented abilities. I possessa strong sales background with customer service aptitude and many years ofbeing diverse and adaptable.

I would welcome the opportunity to apply these talents and skills to a
position with your firm.My salary requirements are open to
discussion.Realizing that this summary statement cannot fully communicate thebenefits I can provide,I would appreciate having the opportunity to discussmutual interests with you personally.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply.


Phillip K. Weimer

Phillip Weimer has extensive experience in producing award-winning
photographs. His portraits have been distributed worldwide. They have receivedregional,national, and international recognition.

Mr.Weimer has produced numerous photographs of high school and college
students in the Greater Chicago area. In addition, he has photographed suchwell known people as President Gerald R. Ford, President George Bush, BillCosby, Elton John, Kenny Rogers, Pat Boone, Victor Borge, Marcel Marceau,Truman Capote, Vincent Price, and presidential candidates Bob Dole and GeorgeW.Bush.Furtermore, Mr.Weimer was the official photographer for the MissMichigan pageants and Ladies Professional Golf Association Charity Tournaments,as well as associate photographer for the Vince Lombardi Golf Classic.

Other photographic assignments for which Mr.Weimer received recognition
included the Michigan 500 Mile Race, Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, MCA Records,Blue Lakes Fine Arts Celebrity Concerts, and the L.L. Bean catalogs. Some ofhis interior commercial photography was accepted for publication in the 1987fall edition of INTERIOR DESIGN magazine .In addition, Mr. Weimer received the1987 International Photography Award from the Alpha Beta Kappa's GammaChapter, University of Massachusetts, Hallmark Institute of Photography.

Mr.Weimer graduated in the top five percent of his photography class at theHallmark Institute of Photography. His work was judged to be in the top fivepercent in the following categories, Best Portfolio, Most Improved Work, andMost Professional Approach.

For worldwide electronics giant, Molex Corporation of Lisle, Illinois, He covered their Molex Olympics and Molex Billion Dollar Sales Extravaganza(Billion Dollars and Climbing) at Chicago's Field Museum. Guests atending represented fifty-three foreign countries . He most recently covered their largest celebration in history at the Sheraton-Chicago. That evening, it was in celebration of hitting 2 Billion dollars in sales.

Mr. Weimer has also been selected to be a print judge for the Chicagoland Professional Photographers Association in the past for their annual print competitions. Mr.Weimer has the certification of General Photographer (G.P) for areas of portraits, commercial, wedding, and special event photography.

1978-1979 -Hallmark Institute of Photography- Turner Falls, MA
graduated top 5% of class. Top 5% in following categories:
Most Improved Work, Highest Dollar Credits
Best Portfolio, Most Professional Approach
Alpha Beta Kappa (University of Massachusetts)


Serviced over 80 accounts ,provided weekly and monthly reports for corporate office .Performed in-store, special events, and Taste of Chicago coverage promoting PlayStation . Received the 1998 Sony PlayStation Rookie of the Year Award .

1994-1998 Helix Camera & Video:
Department Manager-35mm and medium format. Studio Location and lighting
specialist, Store Co-Manager- designed and implemented most successful floor plan to date, product placement, merchandising ,point-of purchase, window dressing & treatment (seasonal).

1991-2001 Portraiture by J. Gilbert-Wheaton , IL
Robert Kelly Studio-Downers Grove, IL
Grabari Studio-Roselle, IL
Studio staff photographer/Liaison

1991-1994 Service Merchandise-Downers Grove, IL
Sales-Computers, Telecommunications(phones, cellular ,beepers),
stereos, video equipment,35mm camera specialist. Responsible for
support in store displays according to plan-o-grams. Display upkeep of
supplementary add-ons such as batteries ,tapes(video/audio),and
telephone accessories, Maintained case displays and point-of-purchase
at or near sales /check terminals .Continually outsold extended service
plans and maintained highest dollar sales volume. Received several awards for outstanding customer service and special attention from corporate office.

1991-1993 Hinsdale Financial Group-MONY -Hinsdale ,IL
Sales associate for life, health, and disability insurance plans.Cold calling,telemarketing, self-promotion programs. Insurance Broker.

1983-1989 Weimer Gallery-Okemos, MI.
Owner/Manager -Photography, sales, financial reports, telemarketing,
in-studio photo displays, networking with affiliated support businesses and industries.

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